What is the earliest dream you can remember?

I have always remembered dreams as well as memories from reality. Dreams and reality for me have always kind of been mashed together. Maybe that’s why I remember such vivid details. Who knows?


Anyway, the  earliest dream I can remember was wen I was about 5 or 6. It was a setting in the middle of a dark, relatively calm ocean on an early afternoon. I wasn’t there, but I was watching everything happen from just a few feet above. A small group of people were on a fishing boat and it was known that a large shark was lurking. A woman with long hair was swimming back to the boat after fixing a buoy or something. The people in the boat saw the shark approaching and pulled out a pistol. The trigger was pulled, but instead of the bullet hitting the shark, it hit the woman straight between the eyes. The second that happened, everything was dead and silent. The water was completely still, the woman was frozen in place and as blood flowed from the woman’s wound, the entire sea darkened to a murky, frozen plain. Then I woke up.


This wasn’t a nightmare. It didn’t scare me at all, but it did make me think. Was it symbolism or a random collection of events possibly triggered by events that occurred that day? From conversations, a book, maybe a movie? Who knows. I don’t know what the dream meant, but it has been burned into my memory forever. Lots of dreams have. Some of them wonderful, others terrifying, but all of them vivid as a memory from reality. I wish I could live there sometimes. Maybe I do…


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